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Jang Hyejin and Super Junior Yesung have joined the duet craze and collaborated for their digital single “I Am Behind You.” One of Korea’s top vocalists Jang Hyejin from MBC “I Am A Singer” joins with her junior Yesung. Yesung also showed off his vocal prowess during his appearance on KBS “Immortal Song 2.”

The duo achieved a great harmony and balance for this collaboration song. “I Am Behind You” is a beautiful ballad that will leave you wanting more at the end. The song was written by Kang Eunkyung, and composed and arranged by Park Haeun.

You can now purchase the single at Soribada and Bugs.

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[Re-blog] Yesung’s Style, Life, Memories, and Dreams…


Yesung’s thought back then…

My style

01. What did you do today: I met up with my younger brother to eat!
02. What time is your curfew: Nighttime is always my curfew!
03. What is your favorite season: Autumn
04. What color best represents you: Red
05. When it rains, how do you feel: Effortlessly gloomy
06. What music do you like: But there’s no genre to choose from
07. What was your latest dream: Nothing
08. What’s your favorite song to sing: Inside my breast (Okay, this was a bad translation, but it’s difficult to find the right word. Chest? Heart? Something like that XD.gif)
09. What is the latest new song you’ve sung in karoke: Fate
10. Is there something you do regularly when you sleep: I snore.
11. Your preferred type of food: I eat everything. (Lit. I’m an omnivore.)
12. Dieting is hard, so what do you eat before you starve yourself: Carrots!
13. Is there something you want to eat right now: Nope
14. When you’re by yourself, what do you do: Listen to music
15. What is your fondest memory of travelling: That the whole world was before me
16. When you are at a party, is there a particular song you sing: Carrot!
17. When are you bored: When I have nothing to do.
18. When do you have fun: When I’m with people I like.
19. Do you have a favorite personal motto: Family is the most important.
20. Do you have a journal: I’m writing in it.

My Life

01. If you could be the hero of a movie, who would you be: From the Seduction of the Wolf- Jung Tae Sung
02. What would you do with 10,000 won you found on the street: Buy a CD.
03. If you were to die, who would be sad: My family and the members (of Super Junior)?
04. If you were to die, who would be happy: The people that hate me?
05. When you get up in the morning, do you fall back asleep: Absolutely not!
06. If you had a time machine, when to would you go back in time: Junior high school
07. If your soul were adrift, where would you go first: Heaven
08. If you had super powers, what would your power be: Heaven is my super power.
09. Do you believe in past lives: Yes
10. What do you think you were in your past life: A prince
11. If you won 100,000,000 won in the lottery, what would you do with it: Give it to my parents.
12. If you could get plastic surgery, what would you get done: Nose.
13. If you could have three wishes granted, what would you wish for: Happiness, Unification (of Korea probably), and free alcohol Medal of Distinguished Military Service (I guess something like the American Purple Heart) (Okay, I thought the free alcohol was weird too. Sorry ^^)
14. If the world were going to end tomorrow, what would you do today: Go down to Chonan

My Memories

01. Something happy: When we were number one
02. Something sad: When people I like are sad, I am sad too.
03. Memory of possible death: In elementary school, when I was underwater.
04. What was the last thing that made you cry: Secret~!
05. Up until now, are there any prizes you’ve won: Are there?
06. Up until know, did you think you were really think you were cool or hot: No.
07. What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever thought: There are way too many.
08. What does rain make you think about: My family
09. When was your first love: 2nd year of junior high school.
10. When was your first kiss: 2nd year of high school.
11. A movie that moved you: Good-bye My Friend
12. Last movie you saw: The Kindness of One’s Teacher
13. What do you collect: Pictures, stamps, books, CDs, DVDs, and so many other things!
14. Who do you really want to see: My parents
15. Who is currently precious to you: My family, members, etc. etc.
16. Is there currently anything you want to collect: Only things that I was already collecting (Lit. things I already had, I want to continue with those.)
17. Your most prized possession: The diary I have used since the 1st year of junior high school.
18. Right now, my top priorities are: Music! Singing!
19. What do I need right now: To continue to grow mentally!
20. If Heaven were able to look down from above into your conscience, would you have a reason to be ashamed: I’m not saying anything~

My Dreams

01. Is there something you would like to be good, even though you might not be very good at it now: Singing!
02. What has been your good fortune since you were born into this world: Becoming a member of Super Junior.
03. In this world, of those you love, who is the most important: My family.
04. Things you would never do to the people you love: Disappoint them or betray them
05. In 10 years, what will I be doing: I will be a singer
06. What is your wish for this year: SuJu’s happiness
07. What country would you like to go to: Canada

Credits: jazzler@sjfullhouse + H.O.T.&DBSK
Source: Yehsung’s cyworld

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